Circumstances When You Cannot Claim for Compensations

You might hear a lot about when you can get flight compensation and that the airline owes you money that you might not know about, but do you know about the times when you are NOT entitled to compensation? Unfortunately there are some circumstances that do not let you get compensation. It is important to know when you cannot claim for compensations to avoid any unwanted effort. Here is a list of some situations where you cannot claim compensation from an airline.


Less Than 3 Hours

If you have a flight delay, be sure you know exactly how long the flight delay was. If it was anything less than 3 hours, even 2 hours and 59 minutes, you are not entitled to get compensation. The most that you can get are some vouchers for free drinks and food from the airline if you waited for more than 2 hours. However if you waited for more than 3 hours, do not forget to claim compensation. If you need help, simply visit airclaim.com to learn more.

Airport Staff Strike

There are situations that can cause flight delays or cancelations that the airline calls extraordinary circumstances. If it falls under extraordinary circumstances, that means the issue was not within the airline’s control, therefore they do not have to compensate you. If your flight is delayed because of an airline staff strike for instance, do not expect to get compensation. But there are specifics to this: airline staff strikes will not get you compensation, however airport staff strikes entitle you to get compensation, especially if your flight got canceled or delayed for that reason because the airport’s operations slow down or paralyze.

Bad Weather

As mentioned earlier, there are extraordinary circumstances that do not entitle you to get compensation. A common one is bad weather, and typically this is unexpected bad weather that makes it dangerous to fly. If the weather will impact the flight, such as sudden thick fog or a strong snow storm, there is a high chance they will delay or cancel your flight. Since this is a safety concern and sudden weather changes are not within the airline’s control, you cannot claim compensation.

Missed Flights

Let us say that you have been at the airport but you could not get on the flight. Your luggage could have taken forever or you did not make it through the gate on time to board. The airline or airport will often deem a missed flight due to reasons like that as your fault, not theirs. Therefore, there is a high chance you cannot get compensated for missing a flight. The airline usually recommends you arrive a certain amount of time before your flight to avoid such issues.

While it would be great to get compensated by the airline, you might not be entitled to it all the time. Save yourself the embarrassment and effort of claiming for compensation; you should know when you should get paid back or when you need to step back.